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NCT 127 Share Which Member Is Their Bias In The Group And Why

Who is your bias’s bias?

NCT 127 recently sat down with WIRED to answer some of fans’ most burning questions, and it was a very entertaining time!

Some of the questions asked included who NCT 127’s leader is…


…and what they think of the many memes created by fans, including Yuta‘s famous ball-throwing incident.

When the question of who their NCT 127 bias is came up, each member couldn’t wait to share who their favorite member is and give a (often very sweet) reason why!

First, Taeil shared that his bias was Taeyong, much to the surprise of the rest of the group. He then jokingly declared that he was just kidding and Taeyong took a bit of offense to that!

Next, Taeyong said that his bias was “the one and only Doyoung“, and Jaehyun shared that his bias is Haechan because he likes the color purple.

Johnny confesses that Taeil is his bias because “he has a beautiful voice and it makes my heart melt.

Yuta and Mark both pick each other, and it seems like the rest of the members expected this!

Finally, Doyoung announces that Taeyong is his bias simply because he is the leader of the group.

Jungwoo didn’t answer the question on camera, but as fans know, he is affectionate with all the members of the group and probably couldn’t pick just one!

NCT 127 are one of the closest groups out there and it’s great to see them play around with each other like this! You can check out the full interview below:




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