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NCT 127’s Yuta Jokingly Apologizes For Hitting a Filipino NCTzen With A Ball

He definitely gave the fan an unforgettable memory!

NCT 127 gathered to participate in WIRED‘s Autocomplete Interview series on YouTube to answer the most burning questions NCTzens had for them on Google.

NCT 127 during their Autocomplete Interview WIRED/YouTube

The boys clarified some facts about themselves, like the identity of their leader, their formation story, and the origin of their group name.

Other questions were less serious, like who their bias in the group was and if they were aware of the many memes about their group.

It turns out the members are totally up to date! They even saw the memes Filipino NCTzens made during their concert in Manila last September 2022, including Taeil‘s “Love On The Floor” mishap.

They also knew about Yuta‘s infamous ball throw, which was perfectly captured by the fan who was hit. The tweet reads, “Thank you, Yuta, for this unique ‘Y/N’ moment.

Taeyong, the group’s leader, jokingly asked Yuta to use the video to apologize to the fan properly, even though it was apparent that the NCTzen wasn’t upset at all.

Playing along, Yuta sincerely looked into the camera and said, “Sorry, NCTzen.

Fans will be happy to hear that NCT 127 looks fondly back on their great memories with each other just like they do.

Watch the full Autocomplete Interview with NCT 127 below! They begin talking about their memes at the 3:50 mark.




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