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Netflix’s Young And Sexy “Physical: 100” Star Is Actually In Her 50s 

She looks decades younger.

Netflix‘s Physical: 100 contestant Lee So Young shocked audiences when she revealed her true age.

Lee So Young | @relax_0923/Instagram

During a talk show appearance following the Season 1 finale, this powerful contestant revealed she is actually in her mid-fifties.

Lee So Young was 55 years old when she competed on “Physical: 100” | @relax_0923/Instagram

What’s more, the fitness influencer and mother of a 31-year-old revealed she often gets hit on by men who are young enough to be her son.

My dilemma is that I get hit on by men who are young enough to be my son. Usually, I get hit on by men in their 20s or 30s.

— Lee So Young

Lee So Young revealed that often, despite telling the men that she isn’t interested, the men persistently ask her for her contact information.

They ask me for my number when I’m walking. When I tell them they look too young, they ask for my email address. When I tell them that I don’t have an email address, they ask for my home address and tell me they’d write letters to me. There are a lot of people like that.

— Lee So Young

When asked if there was a memorable suitor, Lee So Young recounted the time when a dongsaeng (younger friend) wanted to become her love interest.

7, 8 years ago, I was eating with a dongsaeng, but I felt something was up. I asked how old he thought I was, and he said 35, so I showed him my ID. He then told me, ‘Noona, you’re not my mom, and I am not your son. I’m going to act like I didn’t see this.’

— Lee So Young

When asked how old the youngest man who asked her out was, Lee So Young said, “At first, men who were in their early 30s would hit on me, but these days men who are 28, 26, and even 24” asked her out.

Unfortunately for these would-be suitors, Lee So Young is happily married. She also has three sons who, at the time of the interview, were 31, 26, and 22 in age.

Lee So Young | @relax_0923/Instagram

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