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Netizens Are Surprised By MONSTA X’s Duality In Group Vs. Advertisement Promotions

MONSTA X, known for powerful and charismatic performances, have shown a different side through their promotional advertisements. Since their debut, they have continuously released concepts that showcased dark and fierce styles.


Looking at their advertisements, they exude a more soft and pure mood, showing a stark contrast to their group image.

Hyeongwon for Wellage

Nate Pann

Kihyun for The SAEM

Nate Pann

Minhyuk for floun

Nate Pann

Shownu for Round A Round

Nate Pann

Netizens also found it hilarious to see the opposite reactions of fans to the same video.

Nate Pann

Nate Pann

  • “Haha, funny.”
  • “It’s so hilarious how different the reactions are!”
  • “The different reactions are so funny.”

NCT Mark‘s fans thought Mark had done something wrong because Joohoney was looking at him. However, MONSTA X fans thought Joohoney was looking at Mark like that because he was so cute!

| Nate Pann/Twitter

What do you think?

Nate Pann/Twitter

All in all, they are just a bunch of softies that know what fans want!

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