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Netizens Criticize Heartthrob Actor For Calling His Daughter An “Inappropriate” Nickname

It sounded incestual to many.

An idol-actor from Brunei is under fire for his questionable comments.

44-year old Wu Chun is famous in his country and around Asia for being one of the biggest original heartthrobs in the industry. He was a member of Fahrenheit, a boy group from Taiwan, and has starred in numerous dramas such as Tokyo Juliet (2006), Romantic Princess (2007), Hot Shot (2008) and more.

Wu Chun | @wuchun.1010/Instagram

Last January 30, the Bruneian celebrity posted photos of his family trip to Dubai. His wife, Lin Li Ying, 10-year old son, Max, and 13-year old daughter, Nei Nei were all part of the photo collage.

Welcome to my travel show. A fulfilling trip to Dubai. It’s so cool…after seeing this, would you want to go?

 Wu Chun


Though it seemed like a harmless album, one photo sparked a controversy. It was the picture of Lin Li Ying and Nei Nei on a boat overlooking overlooking the Burj Al-Arab. A wave of compliments followed, with one fan writing, “These two beauties are so pretty.”

Wu Chen soon replied with the controversial comment, “The main wife, and the second wife.”

media.zenfs (1)
Wu Chan’s daughter, Nei Nei (Left) and wife, Lin Li Ying (Rght) 

Netizens immediately zeroed in on this, calling it highly “inappropriate” to refer to his daughter as his wife. Even if it was a joke, they urged him to recognize why it sounded “incestual” and “wrong.”

Although it might be a joke, it is still awkward to call your daughter a second wife.


Others pointed out that a better way to word it was by highlighting the youth of his wife instead.

Shouldn’t we joke ‘eldest daughter and second daughter’ [instead of wife] instead?


Wu Chan deleted the photo in question as well as the replies calling him out. He left the remainder of the family pictures up on his Weibo and Instagram accounts.

Wu Chan and his daughter | @wuchun.1010/Instagram

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