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Netizens Discuss Whether Or Not They Are Able To Be Fans Of Younger K-Pop Idols

Are you able to stan idols that are younger than you?

The debate about debuting minors in K-Pop groups has been going on for many years. While newly debuted groups have caused the question to pop up again, through the years, there have been many minor idols that debuted, including BoA whose first album was released when she was 13…

BoA | SM Entertainment

…to SHINee‘s Taemin, who was 14 at debut…

SHINee’s Taemin

…to K-Pop soloist HyunA, who debuted as a Wonder Girls member at 14.


Recently, many fourth-generation groups that debut seem to have at least one underaged member, like ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki, and IVE‘s Leeseo. An up-and-coming girl group has even added an 11-year-old to its line-up, making her possibly the youngest to debut officially ever.


IVE’s Leeseo

Because of so many younger idols debuting, netizens recently discussed stanning idols younger than them on an online forum. On the post, the question was asked if a person would be able to stan an idol younger than them, and netizens chimed in with their opinions.


  • I also thought it was like that before ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ After idols who were younger than me almost all disappeared, I think I also left K-Pop. But I caught it in the end.
  • I also thought I wouldn’t be able to do it… but it’s happened.
  • No no… but I think they’re all younger than me now…
  • It’s very much possible. The idols coming out these days can’t be anything but younger than me,,,
  • I also thought it wouldn’t happen but I’ve been working hard for the past 8 years…..
  • The groups themselves are all younger than meㅋㅋ… But I don’t mean there’s a big age difference…. When my mom found out about this truth, she looked at me with an astonished expression

International netizens had their own mixed opinions on stanning younger idols, with many saying that just listening to the music of idols who are younger isn’t a problem.


Others say that engaging in the content of an idol group is part of the K-Pop experience and cannot be separated from the music, making it awkward for some to be fans of younger idols, especially those that are minors.

What do you think about stanning younger idols?



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