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Netizens Discuss Why A New Survival Show Has Already “Failed” Before Its Finale

Many hope interest will increase after the group’s debut.

Some of the most popular K-Pop groups have been created through survival shows. I.O.I, WANNA ONE, and most recently, ZEROBASEONE are just a few survival groups that have impacted the industry.

After the success of Produce 101, many different survival shows outside of Mnet, and even outside of Korea, saw increased attention as netizens “loved to hate” the programming.

The upcoming Produce Camp spin-off is set in Thailand. | Spring Entertainment

In November last year, a new survival show from SBS, titled Universe Ticket, began to air. The initially promising premise followed previous shows, like A2K, stating that it would create a “global K-Pop group.”

This promise has already been partially fulfilled with the group’s first confirmed member, the first Filipina to rank first on a K-Pop survival show.

The First Filipina To Win #1 On A Korean Audition Program

A concert featuring the top sixteen contestants was supposed to occur on February 3 and 4 at Jangchung Gymnasium, with ticket sales on January 11. One day later, on January 12, F&F Entertainment announced that the concert would be canceled, citing visa and academic issues.

| F&F Entertainment

However, K-netizens believe this was due to low ticket sales, with one sharing an alleged screenshot of the tickets remaining after the sale date. The white represents seats taken, while the purple represents those available.

| theqoo

In a post discussing the sudden cancelation, netizens discussed why they believed the show had already “flopped” before the group’s debut.

Some discussed the “disorganized” nature of the show, as well as the obvious bias towards some of the contestants.

Others discussed how it seems the survival shows that are most successful, especially in Korea, are those produced by Mnet because of the name association.


Another aspect of the show that netizens accounted for is the number of non-Koreans in the line-up, citing this as a possible reason for disinterest.

One netizen commented on the show’s international impact, discussing the show’s only viral moment so far. Other survival shows will often have moments go viral internationally, increasing viewership and interest.

Universe Ticket‘s viral moment achieved that status for all the wrong reasons.

Despite the circumstances, many hoped for the group’s success and praised several trainees for their talents.

Have you been watching Universe Ticket?



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