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Netizens React To A Touching Fan Encounter With Actor Na In Woo

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Actor Na In Woo recently garnered much attention for his role in the tvN series, Marry My Husband, which ended recently. With his popularity in the show, netizens and fans began to post their encounters with the actor online.

A fan recently posted a story about meeting the actor two years ago when they were a high school student.

Netizen story | theqoo

Hello, I’m writing this post to share the positive encounter I had with actor Na In woo two years ago. I still remember the exact date, June 6, 2022, a national holiday. My friend and I were high school seniors and were eating bingsoo (shaved ice dessert) at a nearby Lotteria before going to after school academy. It was a small store with only about three tables, and a really tall guy wearing a hat was sitting at the table next to us.

There were mirrors next to our table so I could see him eating through the mirror. He ate the hamburger in one bite and literally threw the fries into his mouth. At that time, I remembered that actor Na In Woo ate French fries like that on the show ‘One Night Two Days’, which made me realize that it was actually him!

We tried our best not to bother him and as he was leaving I asked if he could sign my textbook and gave him a letter. He was so sweet and asked us what our names were and even got on his knees to sign his autograph. After he left, my friend and I were trying to calm down as we continued to eat.

But about 20-30 minutes later, we saw him again through the window. As soon as he saw us, he came right back in and gave us two gift bags filled with hand cream, sun block, and lip balm, and told us to work hard on our studies. Our hearts were pounding, and he made a gesture to calm us down, which just made us go even more crazy.

Later, I searched online and saw that the nearest Olive Young store was 20-30 minutes round trip. It was a really hot summer day, and thanks to him we were able to receive motivation and work hard as a student.

Na In Woo’s autograph | theqoo
Presents from Na In Woo | theqoo

Netizens that read the story were falling head over heels for his thoughtful and kind personality.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wow literally every fan story about him is positive. How can a person be like this…”
  • “Wow crazy!”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Wow he’s so. Kind.”
  • “Dang…”
  • “Na In Woo…I really love you.”
  • “Wow debark!”
  • “So cute.”
  • “The presents are so cute…the fan and Na In Woo are both cute.”
  • “Such an angel.”
  • “All the stories about him are the same. Especially the way he eats French fries…so accurate.”
  • “He’s so detailed..two separate bags for the two students.”
  • “These encounters are so cute…eating French fries like that lol.”

On the other hand, he surprised fans by announcing his military enlistment. It was also revealed that he has requested a delay in his enlistment date in order to attend the special vacation in Vietnam, in celebration of the show’s success.



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