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NewJeans’ Bodyguard Oppa Is The Internet’s Latest Heartthrob

NewJeans‘ personal bodyguard is quickly gaining love from fans for the sincere, gentle, and respectful ways he handles situations.

When a fan accidentally trips at the airport, he immediately helps her up as to prevent injury to her or others.

He also respectfully approaches fans beforehand where he explains to them the rules that will keep everyone safe, including no running and gifts for the idols.

During the times the girls are able to accept fan gifts, he checks them over beforehand and makes sure that everything is safe.

However, he’s not passive — He takes his job seriously and only uses enough force required to protect the members.

He finds clever and civilized ways to protect the members from photographers, such as flashing a flashlight into their camera lens.

For his strong yet gentle qualities, fans have adoringly nicknamed him “Mr. Wick” after the character John Wick.

He does it all with a big, genuine smile, making it impossible not to love him!

Fans have nothing but praise for “Mr. Wick!”

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