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NMIXX’s Haewon Gets Real About The True Reason They Can’t Hold Concerts…Even If Fans Want Them To

Here’s why they can’t do it yet.

NMIXX may still be rookies, but fans are already looking forward to their first concert. The JYP Entertainment girl group is famous for their outstanding vocals and fierce dance skills, so a large venue with thousands of fans in attendance would be the perfect place to show off their talents!

With that in mind, a fan asked leader Haewon in a recent live broadcast about when they are planning on holding a concert. She said, “Unnie, when is NMIXX’s concert going to be?

Haewon, however, gave an answer that disappointed many.


According to the leader, they can’t have a concert any time soon, and the reason why is simple—they don’t have enough songs.

If NMIXX has a concert right now, the only songs we have are ‘O.O,’ ‘Tank,’ ‘Dice,’ ‘COOL’… These four and ‘KISS,’ ‘Hello Gabby,’ and ‘Sprinkle Party,’” she explained.

Upon listing all their songs down, she passionately said that they can’t do it because they “don’t have many songs to perform.

 No, no. We can’t. We don’t have many songs to perform.

— Haewon

Fans will just have to wait patiently for the day to come! In the meantime, check out 10+ times Haewon charmed everyone with her pure and innocent beauty in the article below.

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