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NMIXX’s Lily Was Asked If She Thinks No One Can Compete With Her Vocals—Here Are Her Honest Thoughts

She’s one of the best, but does she agree?

NMIXX‘s Lily is widely regarded as one of the most talented vocalists in K-Pop at present, and for good reason. She has the most beautiful vocal color, and her voice is so powerful, she doesn’t struggle to reach any high note. Without a doubt, it’s rare to find someone like her!

NMIXX’s Lily | Inkigayo

The “DICE” singer recently guested on Lee Mujin Service, an online show hosted by Korean ballad singer, Lee Mujin, where she sang popular songs live.

Singer Lee Mujin

One of the songs she covered was SM Entrainment girl group Red Velvet‘s “Psycho,” which is one of their most popular tracks to date.

After she ended with a bang, Lee Mujin showered her with praise. He told her that she did a great job at emphasizing a difficult part of the song, and she “managed to control in-and-out skills well.”

This is actually a song that goes with the beat. The melody follows the beat like… In the middle, there is a part where it changes into a bouncing rhythm. It was very fun to hear because you were able to point out that part well. Also, you managed to control in-and-out skills well. I’m sure you know what I mean because you are the one who does that.

— Lee Mujin

She replied that some parts of her singing are a result of skills she learned, but others come to her naturally.

There are some that I do because I know it, while there are also things that come out naturally.

— Lily

With an expression of awe on his face, the ballad singer revealed that he was shocked by how fantastic her voice is while he was listening to her.

That’s amazing. Listening to it, I was like…’It sounds good.’

— Lee Mujin

He then asked if she thinks she’s the best in terms of singing and has no competition because of how good she is: “Do you tend to think, ‘There is no one who can compete against me,’ ‘I’m good?’

In the face of such high praise, Lily stayed humble. She didn’t try to lie and say she’s a bad vocalist, but she insisted that she still has room for improvement. She genuinely believes that she can still be a more skilled singer.

Sometimes I think I am good, while other times I think I am not good. Of course, I am not bad at singing, but I can be better. I believe that I can do better.

— Lily

Knowing how great she already is, it’s hard to imagine how much better she will be if she continues to improve her vocals! The future of K-Pop is bright with Lily in it.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram



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