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Office Workers Go Viral For Their Reactions After A Concert Ticketing War

So relatable!

A video showing the reactions of employees working in an office following a concert ticketing war has attracted the attention of many netizens.

IU 1
IU concert in Taipei | KKTIX

On March 6, tickets for IU‘s 2024 IU H.E.R World Tour Concert stop in Taipei went on sale at 1pm local time. With tickets going on sale during typical business hours for such a popular idol, understandably, those with an office job have to find a way to secure tickets while working.

IU 2
IU trying to buy tickets to her own concert | IU Official/YouTube

While most people may choose to be as sneaky as possible, an office worker and his co-workers drew attention for doing the complete opposite!

In the video uploaded, an office worker can be seen screaming, “Got them! Got them! WAHHHHHH!!!!” The caption on the video reads, “Got IU concert tickets!

Although some companies may punish workers for slacking off and not doing actual work, people in this office started clapping and were happy for their co-workers’ accomplishment! After the video was shared, netizens immediately left comments on the post.

IU 3

  • Your co-worker’s desk is heaven. So many snacks.
  • So cute.
  • A company with love.
  • I’m crying. So envious.
  • So good.


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This office certainly seems like a fun place to work at!




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