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One Of SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Photocards Is In High Demand For A Hilarious And Iconic Reason

We definitely need to get our hands on one!

One of the many perks of buying a K-Pop album are the photocards that are usually included inside the album. Many photocards have achieved legendary status among fans or become so sought after that people will spend hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars just to own them.

It seems like SEVENTEEN Vernon’s photocard is the next to achieve legendary status as it is currently highly sought after for a hilariously unexpected reason.


K-Pop fans will often use another photocard or photocard talisman in order to manifest the photocard that they want in an album or for good luck in general. Many fans can be seen using this method in album unboxing or opening videos online.

A K-Pop fan using photocards as a lucky charm as they open a new album. | @i.nluv/TikTok

This time, the lucky photocard is one from SEVENTEEN’s Heng:garæ album that was released in 2020. The photocard features Vernon standing outside in the bright sun with a backward cap on his head.

| @chewrross/Twitter

While the photocard is very cute, fans say there is a new, high demand as students have begun using it for their exams. According to one fan, Vernon’s shiny forehead is what students believe will bring good luck and high test scores!

My friend told me a very very exciting story today.. Apparently, this cute wide forehead photocard of Vernon is very hot in China

Do you know why?

It’s said that Vernon’s shiny forehead in this photo.. will bring you good luck
So it’s become a popular college entrance exam talisman photocard for college applicants sh*tㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

But the market price for this card actually increased.

— @chewrross

| @218zones/Twitter

International fans have caught on to this new trending photocard and are already searching online so that they can own this good luck charm themselves! Many even hope that Vernon’s forehead photocard will help them in other things outside of school work.

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