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One Of The Most Unusual Bans In 4th Gen K-Pop History

One member inspired the unexpected rule ????

K-Pop companies have, at times, gone to extreme lengths to maintain an idol’s image or to keep their artists focused on their careers by placing bans on certain items or activities.

Some companies have enforced bans on tattoos, going to clubs, having part-time jobs, or using cell phones.

STAYC was banned from owning their own cell phones until they took home a music show trophy. | @STAYC_official/Twitter

While some companies may not explicitly ban certain items or activities, other idols have revealed there are both spoken and unspoken rules some idols and their companies abide by.

Former Unpretty Rapstar contestant Grazy Grace shared her industry experiences and revealed multiple rules that companies have enforced, such as no dating for a set number of years, no interacting with idols of the opposite sex, no eating junk food, and more.

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One 4th-gen idol group, however, found themselves placed under one of the most unusual “bans” after they debuted.

ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong revealed on an episode of Idol League in 2021 that during the group’s trainee days, they had to follow an unexpected rule because of San.

(From left:) ATEEZ’s Seonghwa, Yunho, San, Yeosang, Hongjoong, Jongho, Wooyoung, and Mingi | @SUPERSTARX_twt/Twitter

Hongjoong shared that one of the group’s rules was “no jumping outside.” Jongho explained that San had a habit of singing, dancing, and randomly jumping around when the group walked together. San’s outgoing personality caused Jongho to “cower” and pretend not to know him.

Wooyoung hilariously added that San was unable to stay still, and if he saw a tree on their walk, he would try to jump and touch it for no reason.

This led to the rule that the group members could no longer jump outside.


No dating ban but a jumping and mafia game ban… #ateez #ateez_official_ #san #hongjoong #jongho

♬ Wii Music – Markian

After the unusual ban resurfaced on Twitter on the “best thing that happened in K-Pop” account, ATINYs immediately identified the unnamed group with the “no jumping in public” rule.

Fans hilariously compiled moments that San defied gravity with his jumping, demonstrating why the debut-era rule was created.

Check out more unusual K-Pop idol “bans” in the article below!

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