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RIIZE’s Wonbin Looks Exactly The Same Now As He Did As A Child

“He seriously looks like chococat.”

Pretty much every K-Pop idol who is highly praised for their visuals will have some form of plastic surgery accusations made against them at some point. While it’s true that many idols do get plastic surgery done, unless an idol explicitly shares that they did go under the knife, it can be hard to know for sure whether or not their features are all natural or tweaked to some degree. Since people’s appearances can change quite a bit between childhood and their adult years as they lose baby fat and mature, sometimes that’s all it really is!

Wonbin (RIIZE)

One of the K-Pop idols that has recently been getting a lot of plastic surgery accusations is RIIZE‘s Wonbin. Ever since he debuted, fans have understandably fawned over the handsome idol and his unique, charming visuals, and that in turn also brought him a lot of undeserved hate and criticism. While we don’t know whether or not Wonbin has had any work done, pictures comparing how he looks now to how he looked when he was young seem to prove that not a whole lot has really changed!


Recently, a couple of photos of Wonbin looking handsome with his bare face and without colored lenses have captured the public’s attention.


Fans are loving his “boba-like” eyes and cat-like appearance, proving that Wonbin doesn’t need any makeup to have people swooning.

image (1)

These photos are being compared to a picture of Wonbin when he was little and had a similar wide-eyed expression on his face, and we think the similarities are pretty clear!

image (2)
Young Wonbin | Instiz

He’s also being compared to the Sanrio character Chococat, which is adorable.


Here’s how people are reacting to the above pictures, with a lot of relatable comments.





Bare-faced Wonbin is definitely a treat to see!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa



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