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Rising Idol-Turned-Actress Joins The “No Bra” Trend In A Daring Little Black Dress

As far as fashion trends go, one of the most popular and diverse that has recently made a resurgence is the “no bra” look. Its popularity is partly due to the numerous ways it can be worn, from backless dresses like TWICE‘s Mina recently wore…

TWICE’s Mina

….to wearing cleavage-exposing outfits that do not allow for the wearing of a conventional bra.

Jessi Rocks Both The Underboob And Braless Trends In One

Recently, a former idol-turned-actress stunned in a daring “no bra” look.

In 2012, the five-membered girl group Skarf debuted under Alpha Entertainment. After member changes, the group quietly disbanded in 2014.


The group was unique in that it included two members from Singapore, Tasha and Ferlyn G. Ferlyn G, who left the group before its disbandment, would go on to release her first single in 2015.

Ferlyn G

Since then, the star has mainly focused on her acting career, appearing in her first lead role in the 2019 film When Ghost Meets Zombie. In 2023, she appeared in four Singaporean drama series, including Oppa! Saranghae!

Ferlyn G has only grown more beautiful as time goes on, and often shares gorgeous photos of herself.

In October 2023, the actress attended an event held by the luxury brand Tod and looked gorgeous while wearing a form-fitting little black dress.

| @ferlyngofficial/Instagram

Ferlyn gave a closer look at the details of her outfit in a post on Instagram, showing off her gorgeous form in the “no bra” look.

| @ferlyngofficial/Instagram
| @ferlyngofficial/Instagram
| @ferlyngofficial/Instagram
| @ferlyngofficial/Instagram

Though she is no longer a K-Pop idol, it is great to see her killing it in other industries!



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