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Sandara Park Updates Her Stance On Premarital Sex

She was firm in her opinion.

Sandara Park, also known as Dara, became famous worldwide as the visual member of the K-pop group 2NE1, known for songs such as “I Am the Best” and “Go Away.” She made her idol debut when she was 25, which most likely made it easier for her to adjust to the chaotic fame she was surrounded by in 2009.

2NE1 in their “Go Away” music video | 2NE1/YouTube

Dara, now aged 37, is uniquely positioned as a celebrity with a self-sustaining career which gives her a level of independence most Korean celebrities do not have.

Dara in her solo music video “Kiss” | 2NE1/YouTube 

She can also talk about topics that K-Pop idols are usually tabooed from speaking about by their companies. In a recent episode of Unnies Without Appetite (unnie is the word Korean girls use to refer to older women), Dara had the chance to talk to her fellow host Park So Hyun and guest Oking about whether she thought men and women could just be friends.

Dara with Park So Hyun and Oking talking freely about relationships | 흥마늘 스튜디오/YouTube

Oking decided to take the conversation even further and talked about the idea of a “meet-cute,” which initially meant a romantic chance encounter but had evolved to mean dating someone only after you slept with them first! The group acknowledged that the topic was scandalous.

Still, Oking pressed on and asked the girls how they felt about the idea.

So Hyun seemed nervous just talking about it, but Dara had already made up her mind. She boldly said that she thought the idea was okay!

She explained that her opinion changed with age, “In the past, I thought I had to keep my prenuptial innocence. As I’ve lived my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that dating after sleeping together is not bad at all.”

Dara disclaimed that she was okay with it only if it happened naturally, but So Hyun also brought up the point that it was impossible if it was just a fling.

Oking, on the other hand, suggested that Dara meant her words only in intention, not practice. Still, she insisted that she was currently only about serious relationships and stood by her opinion.

Seeing an idol talk openly about how they feel regarding sex and relationships is refreshing. It reminds fans that they are humans who often struggle with the same problems as the average person. Hopefully, as more celebrities get older, there will be more opportunities to show their inner thoughts and feelings.

Watch the full episode of Unnies Without Appetite with Sandara Park, Park So Hyun, and their guest Oking below! They discuss the idea of a “meet-cute” at the 8:30 mark.



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