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Sandara Park’s Age-Defying Photoshoots As If She Hit The Fountain Of Youth

Is she really turning 40 next year…?

Fans can all agree that Sandara Park looks gorgeous at all times! From then…

Sandara Park Before Joining 2NE1 | ABS-CBN Star Music

…until now, her beauty is uncontested.

Sandara Park at Present | @krungy21/Twitter

In a photoshoot with W Magazine, she stunned everyone with her youthful visuals. Even at 39 years old, she looks like someone who would still be in her twenties.

She’s one of the original K-Pop visuals for a reason! Sandara debuted when she was already 25 years old, slightly older than most idol singers. Soon after, she stole the hearts of fans locally and around the world and gained several endorsement deals. From Etude House to Clio, Moonshot, Head & Shoulders, Penshoppe, and more, she quickly solidified her position as someone with beauty and charisma.

Her celebrity status remains as strong as ever even after leaving the idol world. As this magazine shoot attests, she’s a well-sought after model. She’s also an actress, an entertainer, a YouTube content creator, and more.

From then until now, she looks the same! A close-up photo in W Magazine shows just how flawless her skin is. One of the main reasons why she still looks so young is because there’s not a wrinkle on her face.

Moreover, her fashion sense is always trendy. Whether she’s wearing formal clothes, casual ones, avant-garde dresses, wool fabrics, cotton, dark colors or light, she can make them all look good!

That’s Sandara Park for you!

Her visuals can easily rival any third or fourth generation idol. Just look at her solo comeback teaser photos!

If you didn’t know that was Sandara Park, you could easily mistake her for a rookie girl group member.



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