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SEVENTEEN’s DK Goes Viral For Sharing Wise Words On Self-Love And More

Fans are loving how open he is being.

SEVENTEEN‘s DK is going viral on social media for his heartfelt words regarding self-confidence and self-love, and fans are loving his honesty.

SEVENTEEN’s DK | @mindset_dive/Twitter

In a recent release of DK’s Mindset interview by Dive Studios, DK opens up about his outlook on positivity and the importance of spreading positive energy.

I think I pushed myself too hard because I felt the difference between the ideal I had set for myself and reality. It would make me really happy if the positive energy I give you spreads out like a domino.


DK is a member who is known by fans to be too “hard on himself” and works very diligently when it comes to music and his singing abilities, so hearing him speak on these thoughts was refreshing to fans.

SEVENTEEN’s DK | @dive_mindset/Twitter

DK also spoke about personal growth and being able to properly love yourself as you are.

I would give myself 40/100 points if I needed to give myself a score, but I have a hard time being nice to myself. ‘DK, I think you’re too strict with yourself.’ While you aren’t as strict with yourself as before, I still want you to love and respect yourself more.


Finally, he spoke about the benefits of taking on new challenges and how to cope with wanting to be “perfect” at everything you attempt.

If you’re scared of taking on a challenge, tell yourself that it’s okay to fail many times and that no one is perfect. Don’t worry about what other people think and just focus on yourself.


Fans got a great glimpse into DK’s thought process and his struggles which could potentially help them build a new mindset of their own.




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