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SHINee’s Key Sparks A Debate Over K-Pop Idols’ Armpit Hair Removal

SHINee‘s Key recently appeared in Yongjin Health Center, where they discussed a variety of topics, including a debate on whether male K-Pop idols should shave armpit hair or not.

The discussion came about when they talked about Key’s interest in fashion, and Yongjin pointed out that Key izs the only one among SHINee members who wears shorts.

Key then explained that the other members didn’t like wearing shorts, and Yongjin assumed it was because of the leg hair. Gabee asked Key if he shaves, and he admitted he occasionally does. He shared that there has been a discussion about the appropriate length of a male idol’s armpit hair.

|Yongjin Health Center/YouTube  

Yongjin said, “Just like the perilla leaf controversy, let’s talk about this.”

|Yongjin Health Center/YouTube

Key then shared his sentiments about shaving armpit hair.

It’s okay to have short hair, but having none was a problem. I don’t want to look like a person who didn’t have puberty. It’s weird to have too much, but you need a bit.

— Key

Yongjin asked about the current condition of his armpit, and Key was game enough to answer the question.

|Yongjin Health Center/YouTube 

He even shared that he shaves with a clipper, merely taking off some of the lengths and not shaving his pits clean.  When Key asked him back the same question, Yongjin’s response was hilarious.

|Yongjin Health Center/YouTube 

What are your views about this subject?


Watch the full episode of Yongjin’ Health Center here:



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