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Shocking Picture Of Son Heung Min’s Persistent Injury After Lee Kang In Fight Alarms Netizens 

“ It breaks my heart…”

When Tottenham Hotspur’s star forward Son Heung Min was spotted sporting a finger cast in consecutive matches, he sparked widespread concern and speculation. The root cause of this injury was later traced back to an off-the-field incident involving a scuffle between Son and fellow South Korean teammate Lee Kang In during the Asian Cup.

son theqoo
| TheQoo

The altercation — which has since garnered significant attention — took place amidst the high tensions of the tournament, where South Korea, led by their captain Son, navigated through a series of grueling matches. Details emerging from the incident reveal that Son, in his role as the team’s veteran leader, attempted to address the premature departure of younger players — including Paris Saint-Germain’s Lee Kang In — from a team meal.

| @kanginleeoficial/Instagram

Son’s intervention led to a heated exchange that unfortunately escalated, resulting in Son suffering a dislocated finger.

| @kanginleeoficial/Instagram

The severity of the injury became apparent when, days later, Son exhibited caution in simple gestures like shaking hands, indicating the discomfort and pain he was enduring. Fast forward to recent developments, and a shocking photograph shared on the popular community site TheQoo has reignited concerns over Son’s injury.

son finger injury theqoo
| TheQoo

The image clearly shows a painful lump on Son’s finger, a testament to the lingering effects of the altercation.

son finger injury theqoo 1
| TheQoo

The viral post has since amassed over 47,100 views and nearly 500 comments, with netizens expressing their alarm at the extent of Son’s injury and the evident pain he must be enduring.

  • “Ugh. When is it going to get better? It still looks so swollen. Maybe the fracture isn’t healing well or something. It breaks my heart.”
  • “Yikes. Haters, STFU.”
  • “If he had to pin the bone, it’s going to need at least 6 months to a whole year to recover. I had the same thing done, so I know… And the procedure changed the shape of my finger, too.”
  • “Aw, man. I hope he gets better soon.”
  • “T-T”
  • “WTF?”
  • “??? Wait, he needed surgery?!”
  • “Finger fractures need extra care… because otherwise, the finger starts bending weirdly and stuff. Sigh… HEUNG MIN-AH.”
  • “…? Is it even getting better at all? His hands are one of my favorite things about him, so this breaks my heart.”
Screenshot 2024-03-07 123028
| TheQoo

Fans in the comments have even been posting pictures of what Son’s finger used to look like before it was put in the cast and the lump appeared. Others speculated on how much longer the injury would continue to be apparent.

son finger before theqoo
Son’s finger before the injury, posted by fans on TheQoo. | TheQoo

As Son continues to grace the pitch with his undeniable talent, the football community stands in support, hoping for a swift and complete recovery.



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