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“Siren: Survive The Island” Shocks Viewers With Footage Of A Contestant Getting Hit By A Car

No one was injured while filming the clip.

Netflix‘s brutal new reality show Siren: Survive the Island is gaining attention from viewers for how powerful and bad*ss the female contestants are.

One of the Team Soldier members during the show | Netflix

Throughout the show, the contestants gave viewers plenty of reasons to simp for them, be it their visuals…


Or strategy.

But one especially shocking moment from the series that proves just how tough the contestants are was when they introduced their careers and how their team would win because of their experience and skill set.

All the contestants on the show have grueling jobs that show just how mentally and physically tough they are, including firefighting, which the firefighters compare to visiting hell.

Team Firefighter | Netflix

And being a bodyguard for presidents.

Team Guard’s Lee Soo Ryun has been a bodyguard for multiple presidents | Netflix

Or jumping out of airplanes to infiltrate enemies.

Team Soldier’s Kim Bom Eun | Netflix

During their introductions, the teams all seemed to view the stunt women as underdogs, believing their work wasn’t comparable to the rest of the professions.

Stunt women? They’re all style. All style, no substance. But I don’t think their punches would hurt.

— Team Guard’s Lee Soo Ryun

Team Stunt’s Jo Hye Kyung | Netflix

Which, of course, immediately cut to the stunt women defending their job, explaining how much training they have to do to film their dangerous scenes. The stunt women also talked about how they feel like they will be at an advantage since they’ve played the roles of most of the professions on other teams.

[I’ve played] a soldier. An athlete? Recently, judo. I’ve played a bodyguard too. I don’t worry. I go, “Just do it.”

— Team Stunt’s Lee Seo Young

And they also talked about how they have incredible physical and mental strength since their stunt work involves some truly dangerous acts, proving their daring with B-roll footage, like filming high-wire stunts…

| Netflix

Breaking through glass.

| Netflix

Getting set on fire…

| Netflix

Doing dangerous underwater work…

| Netflix

And even getting hit by a car.

| Netflix
| Netflix
| Netflix

Fans were shocked by how intense the footage was, especially as one of the stunt women got hit by a car.

But it only speaks to the incredible strength of the contestants, which you can read more about here.

Meet The Bad*ss Contestants Of Netflix’s Brutal New Reality Show, “Siren: Survive The Island”



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