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“So Disappointing”—What GOT7’s BamBam And Mark Find Most Frustrating About Their Performances

They weren’t happy about it.

The latest episode of BamHouse featured none other than GOT7‘s Mark. The older member visited BamBam‘s house for an interview and hot meal while reminiscing about their past as a group.


GOT7 was a boy group under JYP Entertainment. There were active from 2014 up to 2021. Though still together, the members are currently focusing on individual activities such as solo albums and concerts.


Since this BamHouse episode was a mini reunion, the two singers couldn’t help but remember their old performances as seven members. At one point, they talked about the choreography that they consider the most difficult. BamBam had multiple answers ready.

Honestly, the most difficult song is ‘Hard Carry.’ ‘Lullaby’ is a bit difficult, too. ‘ECLIPSE’ is difficult, too. ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ is difficult, too. They’re all difficult.


He mentioned that after finishing each complicated choreography, the group promised they’ll take it easy from then on. In reality, their standards for their performances only got higher.

We always used to say, ‘Let’s dance a little less next time’ then we end up wanting to do better. We changed the choreography to make it difficult.


The most frustrating part about GOT7’s performances, however, is not how tiring the choreographies make them—it is that they end up looking effortless. Though this sounds like a good thing, the two would rather their efforts be clearly seen by the public.

But what’s more frustrating is, GOT7’s choreography is difficult for us, but doesn’t look difficult.


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Mark agreed, with BamBam continuing to say, “That’s so, so disappointing.”

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At the end of the day, fans recognized the hard work that each member of GOT7 put into their dances.

Check out the full video below to learn more about BamBam and Mark.




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