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Some PENTAGON Members Disapproved Of Hui Joining “Boys Planet”

“I talked to the members about competing beforehand, and not everyone approved.”

In a surprising turn of events, PENTAGON‘s leader, Hui, made the decision to join the popular reality show Boys Planet earlier this year in February. While Hui’s dedication and talent shined brightly throughout his journey on the show, he unfortunately fell short in the finale, finishing in 13th place and missing out on the opportunity to debut as a member of ZEROBASEONE.

Though Hui was highly praised on the show, the PENTAGON star recently revealed that his decision to join the competition was not universally supported by his bandmates.

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During a recent interview, Hui candidly opened up about the reactions he received, revealing that “some members were sad” about his participation on the show.

I talked to the members about competing beforehand, and not everyone approved, of course. Some supported my decision, but some members were sad about it.


The news also came as a surprise to PENTAGON fans, especially considering Hui’s role as the group’s leader and his recent discharge from mandatory military service in November. Fans had been eagerly anticipating new music from the group following Hui’s return from his military hiatus.

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Speculation arose when it was noticed that Jinho, another PENTAGON member, had unfollowed Hui on social media. This act led to rumors that Jinho might have been upset with Hui’s decision to participate in the show. However, Hui later clarified that his choice felt inevitable, indicating that there may have been underlying reasons that led him to embark on this journey.

Hui also shared that he has now made up with Jinho, and the two members were able to talk their differences out.

The first reason was for Pentagon. I thought we needed something different, considering how our albums have performed in past years. I felt like there’s not much I could do. My goal was to get more people to know about me through this show and make PENTAGON more widely recognized as well.


Hui acknowledged that his company, CUBE Entertainment, also strongly opposed his decision. The boy group star revealed that the label had expressed concerns about potential repercussions on his established career as a singer-producer. Recognizing the skepticism surrounding his ambitious aspirations, Hui opted for a straightforward approach, stating, “I want to do this. I believe we need a challenge.

They worried that my previous career as a singer-producer might be affected. At the time, I knew nothing I said would sound realistic, no matter how ambitious it was.


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While he understood that his choice might disappoint his fans, Hui also saw this new challenge as an opportunity to transform this audition into a positive experience, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and striving for excellence.

I had to believe in myself, that I simply must do great.


Despite the mixed reactions and initial hesitations, Hui pursued his aspirations on Boys Planet with unwavering determination. His decision, although met with some disappointment from PENTAGON members and fans alike, ultimately stems from his desire to explore new possibilities and bring positive changes to his group’s career trajectory. With Hui’s undeniable talent and drive, it is certain that he will continue to shine brightly, both as an individual artist and as a vital member of PENTAGON.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily



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