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Somi Proves She’s TWICE’s Secret 10th Member In Her Latest TikTok Video

Jeon Somi is a hugely successful K-Pop soloist whose songs “XOXO” and “Dumb Dumb” have over 200,000,000 combined views on YouTube. She’s currently signed to The Black LabelYG Entertainment‘s associate company, which has led to her friendship with the global girl group BLACKPINK.

Somi (left) visited by BLACKPINK’s Lisa (right) | THEBLACKLABEL/YouTube

Before her solo career, she was known for ranking first on the girl group competition series Produce 101 and being a part of the show’s idol group IOI. There, she became close to many famous singers like Chungha and Sejeong.

Somi’s Produce 101 audition | Mnet TV/YouTube 

Despite all of her connections to celebrities, Somi claims she is closest to the members of TWICE, having met them in her first reality survival show, Sixteen, which famously brought the group together but didn’t include her in the lineup. Specifically, she’s closest to one of TWICE’s youngest members, Chaeyoung!

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Somi and her TWICE unnies (the Korean word used by girls to refer to older women) have maintained their friendship over the years, often participating in each other’s social media promotions.


JEON SOMI X CHAEYOUNG X NAYEON XOXOCHALLENGE나숭 챙챙 언니듈 너무 거마워 알라뷰 합니댱 언니들이 제일 좋아 💓✨👈🏻👈🏻🍓🍑#전소미 #JEONSOMI #채영 #CHAEYOUNG #나연 #NAYEON #TWICE #JEONSOMI_XOXO @twice_tiktok_official

♬ XOXO – 전소미

Most recently, Somi appeared on TWICE’s TikTok with Chaeyoung promoting their new single “Talk That Talk.” Nayeon also had a cute cameo at the end of the clip!


#TalkthatTalk Challenge✌ with #전소미💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #BETWEEN1and2

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

Somi also surprised fans with a hilarious parody of a TikTok video with TWICE on her own page! She mixes a mojito for herself and Chaeyoung, a famous cocktail that also appears in the lyrics of TWICE’s single “Alcohol-Free!” Nayeon relaxes in the background, and the text “TTT” is seen, which stands for “Talk That Talk.” The song also plays throughout one part of the clip. Only Somi could capture such an intimate moment with the TWICE girls!


You want it? I give. Enjoy this video.🥂💛 언니들 TTT 화이티이이잉

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

The video is a parody of the viral TikTok page @2girls1bottl3 which features two women mixing alcoholic drinks in random places, usually McDonald’s fast food restaurants. The two also seem like K-Pop fans since one of their videos features a cutout of NCT‘s Jungwoo!


#mcdonalds #bigmac #maccyds

♬ original sound – 2girls1bottl3

Somi truly feels like TWICE’s secret 10th member since we always see them together when they release new music. Hopefully, she brings TWICE and her other friends into more trends like this one!



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