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Staff Member Who Previously Worked With aespa Exposes Their True Personalities

The SM girl group recently became embroiled in baseless rumors.

A staff member who had the unique opportunity to work closely with the K-Pop sensation aespa during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 2021 has recently opened up about their experience.

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This comes after the SM Entertainment girl group became embroiled in baseless rumors about their attitude due to a TikTok expose where someone revealed a female idol had called their friend a “pig.”

On a cold November day, amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest parades in the United States, the aespa members — Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning — proved that their warmth extends far beyond their stage performances.

They were genuinely the sweetest to everyone working there.

@frutolupis on X 

The staff member, who was among many braving the chilly weather without gloves, recalled on Twitter (now known as X) how Ningning noticed their struggle and repeatedly offered her a hot pack in a gesture of concern. Despite their refusal, insisting they were okay, Ningning’s gesture was a simple yet meaningful display of empathy.

Ningning kept offering me her hot pack bc she saw I was lowkey fighting for my life because it was cold as hell, and I hadn’t worn gloves… I was like, ‘No omg, I’m okay,’ and she kept asking if I was sure.

@frutolupis on X

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The kindness didn’t stop there. Karina, in a moment that sounds like a scene from a feel-good movie, rushed over to the staff member and placed a hot pack on their face, ensuring they felt a bit of warmth in the freezing weather.

Karina did a little cute run up to me and put the hot pack on my face until the managers called for her it was like 30 seconds max and she asked if I felt warmer and I was like, ‘Yassss thank u.’

@frutolupis on X

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They also revealed that Winter had complimented their bright blue hair, a feature they were self-conscious about — which felt like a huge confidence boost. It’s moments like these that often go unnoticed but mean the world to those on the receiving end.

I hateddd [my hair] at the time I thought I looked ridiculous but when Winter saw me the first thing she said was that my hair was pretty i was like OH!

@frutolupis on X

| @imwinter/Instagram

Meanwhile, Giselle’s interest in the staff member’s studies and future aspirations, followed by words of encouragement, showcased her genuine personality and how grounded she remains despite her fame.

She called me cool and said she hoped to see me on a set with them soon.

@frutolupis on X

giselle mma 23

What’s even more touching is that these acts of kindness were not isolated incidents. According to the staff member, aespa’s gratitude and friendly demeanor were extended to all the staff working at the event.

They were also this kind and friendly to the rest of the staff. They literally kept saying thank you to all of us, just the sweetest women ever.

@frutolupis on X

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The way aespa treated the staff members during that cold Thanksgiving parade made a huge difference. Their kindness wasn’t just about making someone feel physically warmer; it was about showing that they cared, turning a tough day into something a bit brighter.

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