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“Start-Up” Actress Suzy Is Rocking A Unique New Hairstyle, But Not Everyone Is A Fan

It’s definitely different.

Top star Suzy has a new hairstyle, and it’s not one you see every day! The Start-Up actress chose to chop her front hair, rocking thick bangs for a change. And while bangs are common, the special part about her hairstyle is really the two long pieces framing her face.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

She wears it down…

| @skuukzky/Instagram

…and up in a sleek ponytail.

However, due to how different it is, there were fans who complained that it doesn’t look good. They especially had a problem with the side bangs, claiming that they’re unflattering and that something should be done about them.

No but what’s with her bangs?” several people asked. Similarly, others said, “Can they do something about her side bangs?

But while some do not believe that Suzy’s new hair suits her, many others beg to disagree! They praised her beauty, saying things like “She’s just freaking pretty” and “Are people divided over like vs super-like?

With a face like hers, it’s no wonder many are hailing her as “the prettiest female idol in all history,” no matter how unique her hairstyle is!

In related news, Suzy picked her favorite hairstyle that she’s ever worn during an interview with MMTG. See what she chose in the article below.

Suzy Picks Her Favorite Hairstyle She’s Ever Worn



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