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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Changbin Earn Attention For Their Unexpected Flirting Style

“STAYs were too stunned to speak 😂”

The Stray Kids members are back with new, original content, and this time, they’ve modeled their fun holiday SKZ CODE episode after one of Korea’s hottest reality dating shows.

Stray Kids’ “EXchange Island” promotional video | Stray Kids/YouTube

The eight members hilariously posed as contestants on a reality dating show based on the popular show EXchange (also known as Transit Love).

In the real program, five pairs of exes live together, and as they get to know each other, they can rekindle their past romance or start something new with another contestant.

Promotional poster for “EXchange 2” | TVING

The Stray Kids members hilariously played into their EXchange Island roles and answered questions about their ideal types, what they would do on a holiday date, and more as they reunited with their “exes.”

Netizens are loving the unexpected content and how the group seemingly skipped the 2023 MAMA Awards in order to film EXchange Island.

While the entire episode kept STAYs (Stray Kids’ fandom) entertained, netizens focused on one hilarious interaction between members Bang Chan and Changbin, who earned attention for their unique way of “flirting.”

As the two members played out their skit, Changbin brought up his fake “ex’s” habit of touching his butt without notice.

Bang Chan didn’t miss a beat before replying that he also had a “bigger butt,” and Changbin added that he did too.

Their unexpected flirting style, which was exposed within minutes of their “first date,” earned attention from fans, who couldn’t help laughing at the hilarious exchange.

Check out more from the special holiday SKZ CODE episode below!

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