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Stray Kids’ Felix Goes Viral For His Ethereal IRL Visuals At The “2022 MAMA Awards”

“He looks like a fairy prince!”

Stray Kids recently attended Day 1 of the 2022 MAMA Awards, where the group were hailed as the main event, showing off their outstanding performances. The group were also awarded “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” and “Yogibo Chill Artist”, proof of their worldwide influence.

Stray Kids | MAMA Awards

Fans of the group also loved how they looked as they walked the red carpet and during their performance.

Felix, in particular, stunned fans with his ethereal good looks first when the group were on the red carpet.  While dressed in a simple all-black outfit, he stood out, especially with the glitter in his hair, causing fans to refer to him as a fairy prince.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Fans got an even better look at him while he was on stage as the group accepted their awards.

During Stray Kids’ performance, Felix drew attention with his outfit change and gave off a masculine air while maintaining his otherworldly looks.

He showed off his duality as well, while on stage in the same outfit, looking adorably handsome.

Felix didn’t stop there and instead shared several photos of himself after the show, ranging from sexy full-body shots to a close-up showing off his freckles as he poses cutely.

Fans also had strong reactions to these photos and couldn’t help but let out their praise for Felix’s visuals.

Stray Kids



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