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Super Junior’s Shindong Asked For Sunmi’s Number But Got Rejected

The other members of Super Junior teased him endlessly afterward.

Super Junior‘s Shindong, Donghae, and Leeteuk were the latest guests on Sunmi‘s Showterview web series. They were interviewed about their group’s past and current activities to promote their latest Christmas-themed single, “Celebrate.”

Super Junior’s Shindong, Donghae, and Leeteuk with Sunmi (from left to right) | Mobidic/YouTube

Before anything else, Sunmi had to mention that she had admired Super Junior while she was a trainee, and they inspired her to eventually debut as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls.

Shindong then surprised everyone by saying that he had met Sunmi when she was in the sixth grade! They met at an SM Entertainment audition, although eventually, Sunmi joined JYP Entertainment instead.

Continuing his story, Shindong said that Super Junior later ended up at the same music show where Wonder Girls made their debut. When he saw Sunmi there, he suddenly asked, “Congratulations on your debut! Can you give me your number?

Since she had just made her debut then, Sunmi hesitated before responding to Shindong, which made him awkwardly walk away. The Super Junior members teased him endlessly for the incident!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk then explained that he knew Shindong was an extroverted person, but seeing him bravely talking to a girl group member made him think he had a crush on Sunmi!

Sunmi kindly clarified that she was sincerely sorry for what happened. She tried to explain that it was because she was a newbie, but Shindong jokingly cut her off, saying, “You just didn’t want to!

A lot of time has passed since Shindong and Sunmi became friends, but the two clearly still have a great relationship with one another since they’re able to reminisce fondly about their debut days!

Watch the full episode of Super Junior’s Shindong, Donghae, and Leeteuk on Sunmi’s Showterview below. Shindong shares the story of how Sunmi rejected him at the 1:06 mark.



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