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“Telling Us Not To Warm Up” — BTOB’s Minhyuk Spills On The Idol Group That Criticized Them For Rehearsing

He also name-dropped two artists who they had positive experiences with.

BTOB are a group that have always been praised for their heavenly vocals.

But although they are one of the most respected groups in the industry for their incredible talent, according to BTOB’s Minhyuk, they haven’t always been treated as such.

BTOB’s Minhyuk | @OFFICIALBTOB/Twitter

Minhyuk is an MC for Kiss the Radio, and he recently had Golden Child‘s Y and Joochan as guests.

Golden Child’s Y | @GoldenChild/Twitter

Golden Child’s Joochan | @GoldenChild/Twitter

During the radio show, Minhyuk admitted that BTOB certainly aren’t known for being quiet while doing their vocal warm-ups, wanting to perform well on stage. Still, since idols have to warm up if they’re going to sing live, you might assume that no one would be truly bothered.

But according to Minhyuk, seven years ago a group, who is no longer active in the industry, criticized BTOB for their loud vocal warm-up.

It’s been about seven years since this happened. This group isn’t promoting nowadays.

We wait in waiting rooms during music shows, right? BTOB is well-known for our singing ability. We always do vocal warm-ups before each show. And I’ll admit, it gets noisy in the waiting room. It gets very noisy when we do warm-ups. Although we’re also noisy even when we’re not doing warm-ups, sometimes we feel sorry toward those in the next waiting room. We take our warm-ups seriously since going on stage is an important thing.

But the people in the room next to ours asked us to be quiet.

— Minhyuk


When the other group came to tell BTOB to be quiet, they were shocked since warming up is incredibly important for performances.

It’s important for a good performance, and here they were telling us not to warm up.

— Minhyuk

Although Minhyuk didn’t reveal the group that told BTOB to be quiet, he pointed out the irony in their request since they were known for lip-syncing.

And these people, even though I can’t reveal their names… They really… They always only lip-sync.

— Minhyuk

But although BTOB had that negative experience, Minhyuk did identify two artists who have always been incredibly supportive.

When BTOB were filming Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War, the group’s waiting room was next to TVXQ‘s Changmin, and when BTOB apologized for being loud, Changmin had a totally opposite reaction.

In a related incident, BTOB were once on a survival program. That legend show with male idol groups. And Max Changmin sunbaenim was using the room next to ours. We felt so sorry because we were being loud while doing warm-ups, but sunbaenim came to us and said, ‘You guys are the best. This is what singers should do.‘ He praised us for it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but compare this reaction with that of the previous group. He said, ‘This is why you all are so skilled.‘ And Max Changmin sunbaenim is known for his live singing skills. As expected, singers…

— Minhyuk

| @changmin88/Instagram

In contrast, because BTOB and Apink are close, Apink once teased BTOB for being noisy before joining in themselves.

Here’s another memory. Apink once used the room next to ours. Since we’re close, [they knocked and said] ‘BTOB hoobaenims, please keep it down.‘ We were joking around and ended up harmonizing with each other with the waiting room wall between us.

— Minhyuk

BTOB with Apink | @ohhayoung/Instagram

| @ohhayoung/Instagram

You can watch the full clip here.



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