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The 13-Year-Old Who Was Murdered For Loving EXO

Here’s the full tragic story.

A 13-year old girl passed away as a result of her K-Pop obsession.

The tragedy began in November 2013 when the girl refused to go to school after being unable to find her pencil sharpener. Her father, Zhou Kai, complained about her indifferent attitude towards her education. He was well aware that his daughter was more interested in her favorite group, EXO, than her studies.

You are sitting on your computer all the time! […] You only know how to spend money.

— Zhou Kai

She responded saying that she could simply pay him back in the future: “It’s only about the money. I can give it back to you later.” Her father gently reminded her that her parents care about her more than her favorite K-Pop groups.

You don’t have to return the money to me. No matter how awesome those superstars are, they don’t love you as much as your parents. Do you know this is affecting your studies?

— Zhou Kai

His daughter retaliated with two sentences that would change everything.

I love them a thousand times much more than I love you! Idols are a lot better than you!

— Daughter

Furious, Zhou Kai retrieved a knife from the kitchen, only intending to threaten her with it. However, once she screamed, “Idols are a lot better than parents than you,” he lost his temper and stabbed his daughter.

Filled with guilt immediately after, he cut his own wrists while her body lay motionless before him. He eventually recovered after being brought to the emergency room nearby and admitted to the crime a year later in court.

I saw my little girl fall down, rolled from the sofa to the ground…I wanted to save her but it was too late.

— Zhou Kai

Zhou Kai explained in front of the judges that his relationship with his daughter became strained when she started becoming obsessed with EXO. She filled her room top to bottom with their posters and merchandise.

She yelled at anyone who tried to get close to her computer and spent most of her time organizing events for the EXO fanclub that she joined. At one point, she even demanded that her father pay for a plane ticket for herself and her friend to watch the boy group perform live in Beijing. A single flight was worth 1,200 yuan ($168 USD) which was more than her father’s monthly salary. Her grandmother ended up supplying her with 2,700 yuan ($380 USD) to fulfill her wish.

Zhou Kai: We are not rich, we don’t have enough money.

Daughter: So? Why don’t you go and make more money?

In court, Zhou Kai expressed his deep sadness at being low on the list of priorities of his daughter.

When I heard she said, ‘Idols are a lot better than all the parents like you!’ I could not comprehend anymore. It broke my heart completely

— Zhou Kai

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