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The 3 K-Pop Idols Who Absolutely Own The Smokey-Eyed Makeup Look

No one does it like them!

Like with many things in the K-Pop industry, makeup trends come and go throughout the years, with certain trends fading away as new ones are made, or old ones become popular again. These days, light and pretty makeup seems to be most popular in general among popular female idols, giving them a youthful and innocent aura that suits the high teen and Y2K concepts that are also taking the industry by storm.

Winter (aespa) | SBS

There are some idols, though, who are known for a particularly iconic type of makeup look, rather than changing things up for certain trends. And recently on an online forum, K-Pop fans discussed which idols they think are best-known for their smokey-eyed makeup looks.

While a couple of different idols were mentioned in the comments of the post, three idols stood out with both the author and the commenters agreeing that they are unmatched when it comes to using the smokey eye as their brand. One of the idols mentioned was Gain of Brown Eyed Girls.

Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

She’s so rarely seen without her most signature look, it’s not surprising that she was one of the idols mentioned on the post. Even though she hasn’t released new music for a couple of years, her impact on the K-Pop industry as a smokey-eyed queen is still very well-known!

| Nega Network
| Nega Network

Another idol who is still a part of the second-generation K-Pop group they debuted in that was listed among the three idols is T-ara‘s Jiyeon.

Jiyeon (T-ara)

Though her intense makeup looks were usually more wing-heavy than the other two on this list, Jiyeon undoubtedly deserves the title of having an iconic smokey makeup look. She already has such striking and unique visuals, it’s impossible to mistake her for anyone else!

Finally, a list about dark and sultry makeup wouldn’t be complete without CL.


The former 2NE1 member was so well-known for her smokey makeup that she was practically never seen without it, and still continues to be that way to this day! It’s definitely part of her branding at this point, and it really suits her personality as a charismatic, confident, and powerful performer.

Here’s what people are saying in the comments on the post about these three women who have paved the way for more unique and unconventional makeup styles in the K-Pop industry!

Would you like to see more idols try out this trend?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa



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