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THE BOYZ New And Q Are Hilarious In This Collaboration Livestream

Fans loved the duo’s appearance!

On November 9th, THE BOYZ New and were invited to be guests on a popular Korean character’s YouTube Livestream show. Zanmang Loopy, a character in the famous Korean cartoon “Pororo”, has a successful YouTube channel with almost half a million subscribers. Loopy has just begun live streaming and has been previously joined by (G)I-DLE.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon and Shuhua and Loopy

Since Loopy is generated with interactive AI, fans were unsure of what to expect with the appearance of New and Q. Once the live stream started, it was easy to see that the lighthearted live stream was a great idea!

THE BOYZ New and Q and Loopy

The livestream really started when Q and New arrived and greeted Loopy. Fans had been waiting in the chat of the live stream for their arrival up until this point, so it was sure to be exciting for viewers!

In this clip, Q and New got to “feed” Loopy a Pepero stick, as their stream centered around the upcoming Pepero Day (11/11). Q was shocked by how the technology worked!

During this clip, New and Q are asked to draw Loopy’s likeness, and Q says, “You look like (THE BOYZ member) Kim Sunwoo.” To which Loopy replied, “Am I that cute?” Q and New were in complete silence!

They even did the famous Loopy peace with Loopy!

Overall, the livestream will definitely become a fan favorite amongst Deobis!



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