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The “Curse” That Has Plagued HYBE’s Girl Groups

What do you think about the “curse?”

HYBE Labels is home to many successful K-Pop groups, both male and female.

BTS | Weverse Magazine

In recent years, the number of female groups under the assorted sub-labels has grown, but fans have noticed there seems to be some “curse” that has affected groups under the parent label.

This curse seems to affect the ones that debut with six members. For example, LE SSERAFIM‘s original lineup comprised six members.

LE SSERAFIM at debut. | Source Music

This changed right after their debut when Garam’s bullying scandal caused her to be removed from the group, making LE SSERAFIM five-membered.

HYBE Label’s new girl group, I’LL-IT, is set to debut under BELIFT LAB following the members’ selection through the survival program RU NEXT?.

I’LL-IT after being selected. | Weverse

However, just before their debut, fans demanded an update on Youngseo after she was found missing from debut content filming. Shortly after, it was announced that she would no longer debut with the group.

HYBE’s Upcoming Girl Group Drops Member

Some could also consider GFriend‘s disbandment after HYBE acquired Source Music as another indication of this curse, as the group had six members. NewJeans was not affected by the curse as they already had five members.


Fromis_9 seem to be the only group unaffected by this curse, but there may be an explanation. The group was initially co-managed by Off The Record Entertainment and Stone Music before their management was transferred to Pledis Entertainment.

Fromis_9 | SBS

Do you think the HYBE girl group “curse” is real?



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