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The “Hidden Visual” Of Korean Figure Skating Is Too Handsome To Ignore

Meet the former South Korean national athlete.🔥

Many competitive figure skaters around the globe have recently completed national competitions for a chance to qualify for the upcoming 2024 World Figure Skating Championships, which will be held in Montreal, Canada, from March 18-24, 2024.

Also currently underway in Korea is the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympics, which is taking place from January 19 – February 1, 2024.

With figure skating in the spotlight, there is one figure skater who is a “hidden visual” among Korea’s figure skating stars.

Korea has many award-winning and well-known figure skaters, such as Kim Yuna, Cha Jun Hwan, and Shin Ji A, to name a few.

Shin Ji A | Yonhap News

One talented skater is former South Korean national athlete Byun Sejong, who is known for his handsome visuals and has won multiple awards as a junior and senior-level competitive figure skater during his decade-long competitive career, including the bronze medal at the 2018 CS Asian Open Trophy.

Byun Sejong | @byun_sejong/Instagram
| @byun_sejong/Instagram

Byun Sejong’s last competition was during the 2019-2020 season, but the talented athlete continues to skate, performing as an actor in G-Show, “Korea’s first original High-tech media ice show,” wowing fans with special programs.

Byun Sejong remains active on social media, updating his dedicated fanbase through Instagram.

Check out Byun Sejong’s skating in the video below!



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