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The Idol Personality Trait Companies Fake, Ex-MOMOLAND’s Daisy Reveals

“Are you sh*tting my d*ck right now?”

Most fans love their bias for their personality just as much as they love them for their talent, but just how much of that personality is actually real? When a fan on TikTok asked former MOMOLAND member Daisy how much idols’ on-camera personalities are decided by their companies, the ex-K-Pop star recalled a story of a time MLD Entertainment curbed their true thoughts from showing.

Thinking back to her years with the group, Daisy told viewers that the members were once all given the task of filling out their ‘self-profiles’ — the self-written introductions idols often release when they debut or as part of variety show appearances like Weekly Idol. Unsurprisingly, one of the boxes the members had to fill out was a description of their ideal relationship partner.

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| @daisiesforyu/Instagram

Korea’s favorite question: ‘What is your ideal type?’ Now, why they asked this so much, I don’t know. I would also like to know.

— Daisy

After filling them out and handing them in,” said Daisy, “the company read through all of them to decide what they were going to be mad about that day.” That day, the problem was the members’ ideal types. According to Daisy, one common trait appeared in multiple members’ answers: “someone tall.”

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In 2019, Daisy was romantically linked to iKON’s Song (formerly Yunhyeong), with MLD Entertainment and YG Entertainment disagreeing on whether the rumours were true. | 143 Entertainment

As innocuous as mentioning height may seem, MLD Entertainment wasn’t pleased. Daisy went on to reveal that upon seeing their answers, one of the company’s employees told them, “You can’t write that because it’s going to make people who aren’t tall feel bad.

I was sitting there thinking, ‘You can say that about literally anything else.’

— Daisy

Refusing to accept their members’ answers, the employee offered a couple of alternatives: “someone who’s kind” or “someone who’s funny” — and Daisy wasn’t having it. In her TikTok video, the ex-idol continued that she can guarantee the world is filled with a lot more tall people than truly kind or funny people, “not people who just successfully convinced themselves that they are.”

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| @daisiesforyu/TikTok

Huh? Like, are you sh*tting my d*ck right now?

— Daisy

While Daisy admitted that the incident was “really not that deep,” she still found herself incredibly frustrated that the members were asked to write their own profiles only to have their honest answers rejected.

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| @daisiesforyu/Instagram

At the time, I was thinking, ‘Well, if you know what’s best for us so well, why don’t you just write the self-written profiles for us?’ Make it make sense.

— Daisy

That said, Daisy did confirm that she doesn’t think companies decide or fake an idol’s entire personality.

daisy personality 5

Aside from things like that or telling us not to say certain phrases or slang words, I wouldn’t say that anyone’s personality was decided by someone from the company or anything like that.

— Daisy

Before giving fans a disclaimer — “because I know that critical thinking is not everyone’s strong suit, this is my personal experience, so it is different for everyone” — Daisy also responded to her followers who think that her real, current personality is different to the personality she had in MOMOLAND.

| @daisiesforyu/Instagram

I beg to differ because I think, at least in my opinion, that I’m relatively the same. I just pretended to be nicer and happier.

— Daisy

Watch Daisy’s full TikTok video here:


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