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The Idol Who Shocked The Country When She Revealed She’s Secretly A Mother

She explained why she revealed it now.

A Japanese idol made headlines after announcing that she was actually a mother.

The duo Saishu Mirai Shoujo appeared on the talk show SUNDAY JAPON on August 20. Instead of discussing typical light-hearted topics, member Fujisaki Nagi dropped a bombshell revelation.

Fujisaki Nagi (Left)

Contrary to what fans believed, she did not follow the typical image of idols—single, and most especially, childless.

She told everyone for the first time that she was secretly the mother of two children and that she was raising them alone with no partner in the picture.

Actually, I’m a single mother. This is the first time I’ve said that, so I imagine the people watching and my fans must be losing it right now.

— Fujisaki Nagi

| @fujisakinagi/Instagram

She shared a post on Instagram that further explained why she decided to finally reveal her current family situation.

I’m a single mother. However, there’s been a lot of speculation, and I’ve received bullying, anonymous accounts dropping my kids’ names, and sneak photos when we’ve gone out.

— Fujisaki Nagi

She decided that enough was enough, revealing everything straight from her mouth in order to limit misinformation.

I felt like I’d reached the limit of secrecy. I also feared misinformation being spread gradually, so I decided to announce it myself before it reached that point.

— Fujisaki Nagi

| @fujisakinagi/Instagram

The idol ended her message expressing her joy at finally being able to come clean.

It feels good to say this from my own lips!

— Fujisaki Nagi

| @fujisakinagi/Instagram

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