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The K-Pop Artist Who’s Only Ever Experienced One-Sided Love

She opens up about writing love songs despite her lack of romantic experience.

Popular soloist BOL4‘s Ahn Ji Young (also known as Bolbbalgan4) recently made her comeback with her ninth mini-album, Merry Go Round, and to promote the five newly released tracks, she appeared on soloist Lee Mujin‘s musical talk show, Leemujin Service.

During the Leemujin Service episode, BOL4 opened up about the experiences or lack thereof, that inspired the songs on her new album.

Lee Mujin (left) and BOL4 (right) | @mujin_plz/Twitter

BOL4’s ninth mini-album has two title tracks, “Snowball” and “Eternal Love.” Of the latter, she explained that it was a song about “limitless love.”

‘I don’t have to say I love him, I’ll become a better person and protect him!’ This is the theme of the song.

— BOL4

Lee Mujin wanted to know if personal experiences inspired BOL4’s songs or if they were fictional, and BOL4 hilariously replied that they couldn’t be based on personal experience because she hadn’t experienced it herself.

She explained that she’s a homebody and finds herself drawing inspiration from movies and shows she’s seen and books she has read.

When she needs further inspiration, she turns to her friends and asks questions about their experiences.

BOL4 added that she wants to experience more, but Lee Mujin assured her that her songs seem realistic, regardless of where she draws her inspiration.

BOL4 pointed out that many of the love songs she writes are about one-sided love, and Lee Mujin agreed that they were.

Lee Mujin jokingly pushed the point, asking if BOL4 had only ever been in one-sided love, and the talented soloist admitted it was true, to which Lee Mujin hilariously responded, “heartbreaking,” before moving on from the topic.

Check out the full episode below!



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