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The Legendary K-Pop Idol Visual Who Passed His Audition Through A Phone Call

He surprised Hong Seok Cheon with his story

Through the years, the audition process for aspiring K-Pop idols has evolved to allow more accessible ways for idol hopefuls to audition to become trainees.

Students preparing to audition with K-Pop record labels | Julie Zaugg/CNN

Idols often share the stories of how they became trainees, from in-person auditions to mailing in their mixtapes to being scouted on the streets, at music festivals, or performing at talent shows.

In the digital world, idols from K-Pop’s most recent generations have even been discovered through their established online presence or were personally contacted by agencies via their DMs.

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Recently, legendary second-generation idol Kim Jaejoong revealed his own experience auditioning to become a K-Pop idol.

Kim Jaejoong was a guest on prominent MC, actor, and restauranteur Hong Seok Cheon‘s show and shared how he joined his former company, SM Entertainment.

Hong Seok Cheon (left) and Kim Jaejoong (right) | @tonyhong1004/Instagram

When Kim Jaejoong debuted, he was nicknamed a “visual shock” because of his handsome visuals and incredible talents, but he clarified that he didn’t pass his audition due to his looks because his audition took place on the phone.

Jaejoong explained that he didn’t have a phone in his house, so he went to the restaurant beneath it to make the call.

After three weeks, he finally heard back and was informed he passed the phone audition, with the company requesting that he travel to Seoul.

In Seoul, he was told to join SM Entertainment’s SM Youth Best Contest. Jaejoong expected that he would focus on his singing talents during the contest and was surprised when the company emphasized his visuals instead.

He revealed he placed second in “good looks” to gorgeous and talented actress Lee Yeon Hee in the contest.

Check out the full story in the video below!



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