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The Legendary US Mega-Celeb Who Inspired (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon To Write “Super Lady”

“[She] is a ‘Super Lady’ because she does everything perfectly.”

(G)I-DLE has been making waves in the music industry with their recent album — and the title track, “Super Lady,” has definitely caught the attention of fans and critics alike. The song — with its catchy beats and empowering lyrics — has become a fan favorite, and during a recent interview with Billboard, Soyeon revealed the inspiration behind this hit track.

| Cube Entertainment 

In the interview, Soyeon explained her vision for “Super Lady,” mentioning that empowerment was the main objective she was looking to achieve with the track’s powerful instrumental as well as lyrics.

I wanted to deliver the message about the confidence and strength each (G)I-DLE member has.

— Soyeon

| Cube Entertainment

While talking about empowerment, the group’s leader mentioned one particular star that is the inspiration behind the track. Soyeon mentioned the star is the epitome of a “Super Lady” herself because “she does everything perfectly.”

Beyoncé is a ‘Super Lady’ because she does everything perfectly, influencing other people who want to follow.

— Soyeon

| @beyonce/Instagram

Beyoncé, the legendary American singer, songwriter, and actress, has long been celebrated for her immense talent, popularity, and unwavering confidence. Soyeon’s choice of Beyoncé as the embodiment of a “Super Lady” is significant, as it reflects the admiration and respect that many artists — including those in the K-Pop industry — have for the Queen.

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The members of (G)I-DLE also shared their thoughts on “Super Lady” during the interview. Minnie expressed her excitement about the song, describing it as fresh and fun. Miyeon, on the other hand, identified Soyeon as their very own “Super Lady” within the group, highlighting her confidence and ability to lead the way in trying new things.

Yuqi and Shuhua also joined the conversation, with Yuqi boldly proclaiming herself as a “Super Lady” due to her self-assuredness and charm. Shuhua praised all the members but, like Miyeon, acknowledged Soyeon’s role as a guiding force within the group.

Soyeon’s choice of Beyoncé as the ultimate “Super Lady” serves as a reminder of the impact and inspiration that global mega-celebrities can have on aspiring artists worldwide. Through their music, (G)I-DLE continues to inspire their fans with messages of empowerment and self-assurance, all while paying homage to those who have blazed the trail before them.



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