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The Oldest K-Drama Based On IVE’s Leeseo Will Shock You

During IVE’s episode on JTBC’s Knowing Bros, member Leeseo shocked both the show members and netizens after revealing which K-Drama was the oldest one she’s watched. 

Heechul asked the question of what the oldest K-Drama is that Leeseo could remember.

After giving some thought, she recalled an “old” drama that she watched when she was in elementary school…

…and that drama happened to be Descendants of the Sun!

After hearing her answer, the cast members suddenly came to the realization the huge generation and age gap that was between them and Leeseo.

But from Leeseo’s perspective, it totally makes sense considering six years ago, she was 10 years old!

Netizens flooded the comments section with the oldest K-Drama that they could remember and the titles of the drama ranged from recent to ancient dramas.

  • “I remember ‘Coffee Prince’!”
  • “It was ‘Winter Sonata’ for me.”
  • “I think mine was ‘Stairway To Heaven’.”
  • “Mine was ‘Sandglass’.”

What’s the oldest K-Drama that you remember watching? We’d love to see your answers!



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