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The Only K-Pop Groups On GRAMMYS’ “Artists To Watch In 2024” List

Keep your eye on these two groups 👀

The GRAMMYs‘ yearly “Artists To Watch” list is synonymous with prestige and an unspoken promise of success. Each year, the music industry eagerly anticipates which rising stars will grace this coveted list, often seen as a stepping stone to international acclaim and career-defining moments.

In 2024, just like in previous years, the list also features K-Pop groups that fans should keep an eye on during the months to come. This year, though, only two groups have made the cut.


First on the list is SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group, RIIZE. According to the GRAMMYS, the group embodies the spirit of unity and ambition. Their name, a clever blend of ‘rise’ and ‘realize,’ perfectly encapsulates their journey and mission.

| SM Entertainment

This septet has quickly risen to prominence, positioning themselves as leaders of K-Pop’s fifth generation. Their mini-album, “Get a Guitar,” was a commercial triumph, selling over 1 million copies in under a week and dominating Korea’s music charts. The GRAMMYs highlighted this achievement, predicting an even more prosperous year ahead for RIIZE.

| SM Entertainment

The boy group just recently released their first single for 2024, “Love 119,” and it has been their most successful track yet. All signs point to a thriving year for the SM Entertainment rookies.

The other group to be mentioned by the GRAMMYS is none other than JYP Entertainment‘s VCHA, whose story is equally compelling and groundbreaking.

| JYP Entertainment

In July 2022, J.Y. Park of JYP Entertainment and Monte Lipman of Republic Records embarked on a historic venture to form the first American girl group trained in the K-Pop system. The project, “America2Korea,” was a nationwide talent search culminating in a survival competition series.

| JYP Entertainment

The six winners — Camila, Lexi, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee — underwent intensive training in Seoul and Los Angeles. They offered a glimpse of their potential with the teaser EP, SeVit (New Light), which includes three original tracks from the A2K finale.

VCHA’s official debut single, “Girls of the Year,” scheduled for release on January 26, is set to mark the realization of their dreams and promises to be a significant moment in music history.

As they embark on this exciting journey, all eyes are on RIIZE and VCHA, eagerly anticipating the magic they will bring to the global stage in the year ahead.



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