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The Secret To aespa’s Clear Skin Despite Traveling The World, According To Giselle

She has some special advice.

As one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop, it goes without saying that aespa is booked and busy. They aren’t just occupied with filming videos and music shows, they’re also traveling the world and meeting a ton of new people. Yet despite all that they’re doing every day, their skin is still incredibly clear!

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

In a recent The Puppy Interview, the girls were asked how they maintain such great skin. “While traveling around the world, how do you manage to keep your skin so clear and fresh?

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Without missing a beat, Winter quipped, “It’s genetics!” Everyone laughed and Giselle cheerfully chipped in, “You just gotta be born with it.”

Then in a more serious tone, she shared her personal experience. She admitted that her secret to good skin is skincare. In the past, she wasn’t very interested in it, but going on tour around the world changed her perspective. She now understands how fun it can be to buy skincare and test it out on herself.

No but, I actually wasn’t really interested in skincare for my whole life. But the tours actually got me interested in it, and if it’s LA, I would go to Sephora. And I would just buy skincare wherever I go just because it’s fun for me.

— Giselle

Concluding, she gave fans a piece of advice. She invited them to experiment with products and form their own routine. Everyone has unique skin needs, so she believes it is best to learn as you go.

Experiment, see what’s best for you, and get a routine for yourself. Everyone’s different.

— Giselle

Meanwhile, watch the full interview below.



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