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The Time That ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Straight-Up Obliterated San’s Mic

For once, San didn’t destroy his own mic 😂

When a K-Pop group gives such intense and all-out performances as ATEEZ does, there are bound to be unexpected goofs that happen from time to time.

And recently, such an instance from one of the K-Pop group’s concerts has been circulating again online, much to the amusement of fans!

Hongjoong (ATEEZ) | SBS

For the beginning of their song “Wonderland”, Hongjoong has the iconic opening rap lines that really hype up both the members and the audience. And as he comes forward from being in the center of the members to the front, he often interacts with the members he passes by, namely San.


For this one particular performance, however, when he goes to throw his hand forward dramatically, he ends up smashing his palm directly into San’s microphone and sends it flying away from his face!

In the milliseconds that pass between his realization of what he’d done and his opening lines, Hongjoong flashes an apologetic look back at San, who responds with an understanding nod. Without any kind of hesitation, they then begin to perform “Wonderland” like professionals as though nothing had happened at all, making it easy to miss!

Hongjoong later explains what had happened and that San had to go get his microphone fixed, but everything worked out just fine in the end, and the moment has gone down in ATEEZ history as both hilarious and a testament to the group’s professionalism.

ATINYs are reacting to the moment on social media in very relatable ways.

We love to see these kinds of friendly and entertaining moments between ATEEZ’s members!



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