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“Things Are Going Badly” — TVXQ’s Changmin Exposes The Severity Of SM Entertainment’s Issues

He didn’t hesitate to roast the company.

Because TVXQ has been part of SM Entertainment for over twenty years, they aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves, including roasting their company and exposing its internal issues.

TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho. | @TVXQ/Twitter

During the duo’s guest appearance for Knowing Bros, the cast asked if they were ever offered titles at the company because of their seniority. That was all it took for Changmin (also known as Max) to air his problems with SM Entertainment.

Since young idols have become directors lately, Changmin was shocked that SM Entertainment hadn’t offered the opportunity to TVXQ. He said, “But when I saw other singers becoming directors, I thought, ‘What about me?’

To clap back at the company, Changmin caused laughter by being brutally honest about SM Entertainment’s current state of chaos.

This one’s a bit… Things are going badly at SM Entertainment right now. It’s a huge mess.

— Changmin

Even though the tricky takeover between SM Entertainment and HYBE was last year, it appears the situation hasn’t improved for the former’s staff and artists in the new year. Even SHINee‘s Key spoke about the company’s issues.



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