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This Boy Group Member Keeps A Signed Photocard Of His Bias In His Phone Case

K-Pop fans often get creative with showing support for their favorite K-Pop idols, from fun official merch to carrying around photocards of their favorite idols everywhere they go.


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One of the classic ways of showing off a favorite idol is by putting a photocard on the back of a clear phone case, so everyone can see that person is a K-Pop fan!

| CreationsbylilyUS

One K-Pop boy group member has proven that he is just like us and shows support to his favorite idols in the same ways. In addition to visiting the pop-up for his favorite idol, he also keeps a signed photo card in the back of his phone case!

The idol in question is KINGDOM‘s Mujin.

KINGDOM’s Mujin | GF Entertainment

KINGDOM is GF Entertainment‘s only active group and made their debut in 2021 with the first of their king-themed title tracks. Each group member is named after a king from history around the world.

KINGDOM | GF Entertainment

As fans of KINGDOM know, Mujin is a massive fan of K-Pop soloist B.I and has shown support for his bias in a variety of ways.

Most recently, Mujin visited the pop-up event for B.I’s latest album, Love Or Loved Part. 1, where he took photos posing with the photos of his fave after buying his copy of the album!

| Weverse

| Weverse

| Weverse

Not only did he do that, but Mujin shared in a video call event that he put the lucky draw photocard that he received in the back of his phone case, just like his fans do with him!

It’s a B.I photocard! A signed photocard even! Cool, right? I pulled it at the lucky draw.

— Mujin

Fans of both groups have shown support for each other after Mujin shared this, making for a cute fandom moment.



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