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This New 5th Generation K-Pop Group’s Average Age Is 28 Years Old

The oldest members are 32!

As more K-Pop groups debut, the members’ ages are often brought up when discussing the industry’s impact on the idols. NewJeans and ILLIT are just some of the groups that have had their activities debated due to several members’ underage status.

NewJeans’s youngest member Hyein.
ILLIT’s youngest member Wonhee

While debuting young idols is not a new concept in K-Pop, many fans have declared their desire for more idols who are on the older side.

In 2022, the now-disbanded XEED attracted attention for their youngest member being 26 years old at debut.

unnamed (8)

A newly debuted group with proven talent might be perfect for fans looking to stan an older group!

Five-membered group ASC2NT debuted on May 7 with their first single album, Expecting Tomorrow.

ASC2NT | NewWays Entertainment

For longtime K-Pop fans, some of the group’s faces may be familiar, as three members — Karam (32), Injun (32), and Jay (30) — have already debuted.

(left to right) ASC2NT’s Injun, Jay, and Karam.

The three members originally debuted in 2008 as members of Xing, before debuting in DGNA (also known as The Boss) in 2010.


After the departures of members Hyunmin and Mika in 2017 and 2018 respectively, it seemed the group may have ended.

However, in 2023, the three remaining members appeared on the survival program PeakTime, leaving after Karam’s photos with AV actresses resurfaced.

| PeakTime

In December 2023, it was announced the three idols would be re-debuting as a new group under NewWays Entertainment, adding two new members.

First of the two members is the 25-year-old Reon, the group’s rapper and sub-vocalist. Reon has already finished his military service.

ASC2NT’s Reon | NewWays Entertainment

Maknae Kyle was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and is 24 years old. Kylie is also a sub-vocalist for the group, and has also completed his military service.

Kyle | NewWays Entertainment

ASC2NT one of the oldest fifth generation groups, if not the oldest, with an average age of 28.6.

You can check out the group’s debut track below!

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