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TikTok’s Dr. Kim Goes Viral For “Botched” Plastic Surgery Results, Unlocking A Twisted Back Story

The before and after videos have gone viral on most platforms.

With the creation of TikTok came a new platform for all sorts of creators to share content. Many medical community members have created accounts to promote their services and provide helpful tips to watchers.


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Among these medical professionals are plastic surgeons, who will sometimes share their results. Recently, an account called Dr. Kim has gained attention for the posted content.

Each of the account’s recent videos has hit over 2 million views and shows a before and after a patient’s facial procedures, usually facelifts.

Reactions have not been good, with many commenters calling the surgery results “botched.”


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Other surgeons have chimed in on the trending videos of results, questioning the account’s validity and techniques.


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But is there more behind the account and their supposed “botched” surgeries?

YouTuber Tuv investigated the TikTok account, leading to even more questions directed at “Dr. Kim.” In his video, he reveals he followed a hashtag that led to the discovery of several accounts that post similar content with similar backgrounds, including one called “Dr. Sam” and “liangauxsr2.”

The “Dr. Kim” and “liangauxsr2” each had links in their account bios that led to the same WhatsApp account, which was named “Jiezou -Gj,” the same username found on the “Dr. Kim” TikTok.

| Tuv/YouTube

Tuv then discovered another TikTok account that featured the same “Jiezou” name but included a link to a Facebook account. The doctor’s Facebook revealed his clinic’s location, Shanghai, and another doctor named “Li Feng.”

| Facebook

The YouTuber actually reached out via WhatsApp to inquire about surgery, asking to reach Dr. Kim. The account responded, seeming to confirm the identity.

After a series of questions about a fake hypothetical surgery, during which the account recommended procedures and sent photo proof.

| Tuv/YouTube
| Tuv/YouTube

When Tuv asked who would perform the surgery, the account replied it would be Dr. Li Feng and sent a video of the doctor who allegedly does the procedures. The account also implied that “Dr. Kim” was real, though it did the opposite in previous messages.

Dr. Li Feng | Tuv/YouTube

Based on this investigation, the surgeons use multiple TikTok accounts for publicity under a single name and then direct those curious to a specific doctor at the clinic.

This also partially answers why the surgery posts look “botched.” To stir up more publicity, the “Dr. Kim” account posts results taken very soon after the surgery, which is advertised to take anywhere from three months to an entire year to heal fully.

The Dr. Kim account also has posted a few with longer result times that show a very different result.

A video from the “Dr. Kim” account showing a patient at different recovery stages.

Ultimately, plastic surgery is a personal choice, but one should always research before any major procedure. You can check out Tuv’s full video below.



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