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TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Gains Attention For His “Strange” Recent Airport Fashion

Fans are amused by his look.

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk is currently gaining attention for a very different fashion choice.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk | @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

Regarding visuals, Hyunsuk is known for trying out various things with his appearance. This includes various clothing of different aesthetics, piercings, and hair colors.

Now, a recent airport look of Hyunsuk’s has begun going viral!

On February 1, TREASURE’s Jihoon and Hyunsuk departed from Incheon Airport and headed to Japan for part of their REBOOT concert tour.  Jihoon kept his hood up and wore a black facemask and cap, something not entirely unusual, especially if an idol is trying to hide a new hairstyle.


However, Hyunsuk’s look gained attention, as the idol wore a ski mask featuring four smaller holes.

The look was even more amusing as Hyunsuk posed for the media, holding up the traditional peace sign. A fansite’s tweet featuring previews of the idol in the mask garnered more than 770 thousand views.

The moment Hyunsuk removed his mask before passing the checkpoint was also documented. The idol can be seen jokingly side-eyeing fans, who exclaim and laugh when he lifts the mask.

His antics also amused fans online.



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